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SNES OffsetTypeGameLengthDescription
$12:838CPlayerSuper Mario Bros. 21 byteChange to [00] to disable changing direction when player is climbing.
$12:8888MiscellaneousSuper Mario Bros. 21 byteChange [D0] to [80] to never get a star, even after collecting enough cherries.
$12:88AEMiscellaneousSuper Mario Bros. 21 byteChange [D0 1E] to [EA EA] and you can climb while carrying items.
$12:8932MiscellaneousSuper Mario Bros. 21 byteChange [F0] to [80] to make the 1UP object always spawn a 1UP.
$12:898AMiscellaneousSuper Mario Bros. 22 bytesChange from [D0 06] to [EA EA] so that you don't need to be in the dark potion room to be able to enter a warp jar.
$12:A4D8MiscellaneousSuper Mario Bros. 26 bytes[A9 01 22 C2 FB 13]. Change either [01] to [00] or [22 C2] to [80 02] to get rid of the animated background colour effect when a bomb goes off.
$12:B248MiscellaneousSuper Mario Bros. 23 bytesChange [EE 20 06] to [EA EA EA] to make the 1UP be collectable each time you re-enter the level, regardless of whether it has been picked up or not.
$12:B2B1MiscellaneousSuper Mario Bros. 24 bytesChange [22 98 E0 14] to [EA EA EA EA] to make a mushroom (when collected) only increase the maximum amount of hearts one can have, but not fill all empty hearts.
$12:B98DMiscellaneousSuper Mario Bros. 22 bytesChange [B0 16] to [EA EA] to lock mushroom blocks right in place when you place them on the ground.
$12:B9DCMiscellaneousSuper Mario Bros. 21 byteChange [D0] to [80] to never automatically get out of the dark potion room.